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VRWS2015Speakers15 Speakers, 15 Sessions, Unlimited Lifetime Access To All Recordings, Audio Files, Cheatsheets, Downloads, PDFs, Bonus Content, Forum, Community And More.

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Absolutely worth the fee! Thank you, Antonio! I already feel like I can gain my freedom with a lot less effort than I thought I would need. I appreciate the pdf downloads too. I learned something from each of the presenters and there’s so much information that I will probably go back and listen again. Quite overwhelming but uplifting too!

Bonnie Gerow - Owner
Bonnie Gerow - Owner No Big Ting - Cayman Islands

Another great VRWS, Antonio! I attended the summit last year. By listening to Antonio and the other industry experts we went from 59% to 73% occupancy in one year! Same as during last year's summit, I used the breaks in-between sessions to work on actionable items. During this time I:

1. Added guest reviews to the most popular pages on my site with a prominent call to action after each testimonial, like my Rates page. I took screen grabs of their avatar photos from the listing sites. Nothing fancy but it works!

2. Reduced my homepage slider from 5 to 3. The pool photo (Slide 2) was this terrible dark, grainy and splotchy thing that I Photoshopped using Tyann's hints. It still needs to be retaken, but since I live 5 hours from my rental it is at least better than it was!

‪ 3. Added guest photos to my Reviews page to add another layer of legitimacy

‪ 4. Put a top 3 value proposition list on my Request to Book page.

‪ 5. Rewrote, reorganized and added more content to my homepage, including a guest review

‪ 6. Added article on things to do to my Location page. This was a blog post previously that no one would see.

‪ 7. Signed up for Mail Chimp and started working on my template. I'm going to start with a Bespoke Reply with video but that's going to be slow moving

‪ 8. Have my Fetch My Guest demo tomorrow morning with Vince! Will let you know how it goes.

‪Not bad for a weekend's work! Still have on my list to join AVROA, create an ical for calendar sync so I can stop depending on HomeAway, and look into online payment options that will integrate with my current site. I'm making my husband look into social media and email marketing. He also has an idea for a free giveaway calendar featuring dogs on the beach. Whew!

Lisa Ha Smith - Owner
Lisa Ha Smith - Owner The Lark at OBX




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This was my first VRWS.  How did I not know something like this existed?!?!  Maybe, because I am one of the ones that is dependent on my listing sites to generate my bookings!!  I’ve been in rental marketing for the last 40 years; the last 10 years of which are rentals on a weekly rental basis.  Until lately, I was happy with the listing sites feeding me hundreds of inquiries, answering those inquiries immediately with a friendly phone call and following up with an email that included everything I could do to build a rapport with my future guests; most of which I was able to covert into bookings.  I jumped through every “hoop” that the HomeAway system imagined:  Platinum listing (always within the top 4), immediate answers to inquiries, BIN button, current calendars, maps, photos, etc. to get those leads.  Then, the game changed; I’m now lost amongst 6000 listings with “best match” and I am no longer getting any inquiries!!  None, zilch, zero!!  After about 2 weeks and several calls to HomeAway customer service (to no avail), I decided I needed to do something and do it fast!!  I was spending several days on the computer, gleaning any information I could find, when I stumbled upon Antonio and the summit…the night before the launch!!  I recognized several of the presenters from my searches and immediately tried to sign up for the summit.  When the system wouldn’t accept my payment, I panicked.  I immediately contacted Antonio via email and was answered right away (in the middle of the night for him – thank you Antonio! –  what a great way to be welcomed into the community!).  I watched each presentation as it came out!!  WOW!!  What great information!!  With each presentation, I became more and more excited about finding independence from the listing sites and finding it NOW!!  Because all of the information is a vital link to success, I was overwhelmed by the shear volume—can I tell you… no sleep and panicked all over again!!  Special note to Antonio:  After the first day, I didn’t need to take you up on your offer of a bottle of wine – my head was already swimming!!  I’ve settled down now, and want to say “Thank you” to all of you!!  Your information is invaluable!  I have websites, but now I have an urgency to make sure they are presented in a much more visual manner and user friendly manner; so updates are forthcoming (thank you Antonio, Seb, Vince and Eric), with new photos (thank you Tyann and Mauro)!   My Facebook page has followers, but I haven’t nurtured that venue like I should have.  I’m also starting a blog as soon as possible and, maybe, even starting a Twitter account!  Thank you Alan and Heather!  I have been keeping spreadsheets, the old fashioned way, with my contacts, emails and leads – now I know there are easier ways to track these (thank you Mike)!  I’ve understood the value of SEO since the beginning, but again, I’m old school, lost in an old school world where SEO is no longer the way to go!  Because a lot of it was over my head – great presentations Andrew and Kirk - it will take a little more time for me to implement that area of my rental marketing, but it will get done!!  Martin reinforced my mantra to service, not only my guests, but my contacts too!  And, Rod, you’ll be hearing from me in the near future!  

Well done, all of you!  The VRWS was a great learning experience for me that brought a community together like no other!  If I had to name ONE takeaway from the summit as a whole, it would be:  Independence is Possible With the Help of Community!!

Karen De Barros - Owner